What We Do

Physician Integration Strategy


Future success for hospitals and physicians will require both to operate in a cooperative and supportive environment.  Our consultants can assist in the development of strategies that range from employment models to co-management relationships to shared savings networks.


Today’s marketplace is shifting quickly and planning for potential outcomes is critical to future success. Our approach take you from a realistic assessment of treats and opportunities in your market to the development of solutions that make sense within the operational reality you face every day.


Medical Practice Performance Improvement


Private medical practices and hospital owned physician networks face similar challenges; stable or declining revenue and increasing operational costs.  This is complicated by the need to leverage technology so that operations are efficient and critical clinical data are available to care professionals so that they can manage their patient populations in a value-based world.


          Our assessment efforts address:


                    Revenue cycle performance

                    Provider productivity and compensation


                    Operational overhead




Following our review of both data and operations our team creates a detailed report that identifies problems and opportunities and quantifies the bottom line improvement that could be realized from each.


After you review and accept our recommendations we work with your current management team to implement the changes that have been accepted so that performance not only improves but that the skills are developed to sustain that improvement.


We guarantee that our efforts will produce financial opportunities that exceed our fee or we will adjust that fee accordingly.  This assures you that recommendations are both reasonable and achievable.


Physician Hospital Organization/IPA Development


This is not the organization that existed in the 1990s and focused on joint ventures, such as medical office buildings.  Today’s PHO is designed to provide a platform that allows hospitals and physicians to jointly address the shared savings and population management incentives under development by the government, commercial payers, and large employers.


At times, physicians may elect to create a similar organization, without hospital involvement, that can negotiate directly with payers.  This Independent Practice Association (IPA) model is very different from the messenger model IPA that did little to enhance member incomes.


Our efforts include:


          Physician education- we help to explain the changing incentives, the various reimbursement models available, and the operations of a risk-friendly collaborative model.


          Program design- we work with the client, payers, employers and physicians to identify opportunities and to build a model to meet those opportunities.


          IT assessment- entering a risk environment without a robust data network is a formula for failure.  Our team identifies the resources that are in place, the gaps that need to be addressed, and the potential solutions for those gaps.  We assist in vendor evaluation and guide solution implementation.


          Operations- our support ranges from selection of program leadership to the support of early operations.


Educational Services

 Our senior professionals offer to conduct educational programs for hospital associations, HFMA chapters, and physician organizations without cost, except for travel expenses.  Our goal is to bring topics of current interest to the membership with idwas and examples drawn from our recent client experiences.

If your organization would like to host one or more programs please use the contact page to inquire about dates and formats.

          Our current seminar offerings include:


 Hospital/Physician Collaborative Models: what is right for you?


Surviving Under Value-based Purchasing


Physician/Hospital Organizations: an alternative model to physician employment?


Improving the profitablitity of hospital-employed physician netwroks.


Interim Practice Management


Physician Strategies Group has the capability of loaning a seasoned executive to provide program management during transitional periods.  The loss of a practice executive can create a vacuum that have a negative impact on daily operations, especially in these changing times.


Our resources include Business Office Management, Network Management, and individual practice leadership.  The skills of our professional always meet the needs of the assignment.


Typically these engagements last from 1-4 months and, during that time, we will work with you to source a permanent solution.  Our executive will assist in reviewing resumes, conducting initial screening interviews, and making hiring recommendations,  These activities are included in our management fee.